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Tug Alpha 1 Mockup.png
Tug Alpha 1 Aircraft Pushback
HMI & Interaction Design - Released Product

In my capacity as Product Designer for the Alpha 1 project at Textron GSE, I was instrumental in redefining the aircraft pushback's electrical and human-machine interfaces (HMI). Employing a blend of visual and interaction design skills, complemented by block-based coding, I crafted a forward-thinking and highly functional HMI. This interface not only elevated the visual appeal but also significantly enhanced the usability and user experience, marking a substantial leap forward in design excellence compared to its forerunners. My approach, rooted in thorough user research and iterative design reviews, was key to this transformative success.

rocket league tourneys concept
TourneysMockup 3_2x.png
User Research & Mobile App Concept Design

This project focuses on the design and development of a user-friendly mobile app aimed at enhancing the Rocket League Esports experience for fans. Through in-depth research and interviews with Rocket League players, key features and functionality were identified to provide fans with a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for staying up-to-date with tournaments, matches, and their favorite teams/players. The result is a product that better connects fans with the Rocket League Esports scene and elevates the overall experience.

Auspace Mockup 3_2x.png
Mobile App Concept Design

As the Product Designer for the Auspaces project, I worked closely with the project's founder to bring her vision to life. With a focus on creating an app that would benefit families and individuals with autism and other disabilities, I designed an all-in-one solution that includes social networking, reviews, and location-based features. Through my 4-month involvement, I was able to contribute to a meaningful project that has the potential to positively impact the lives of many.

Punchliners Mockup v3_2x.png
the punchliners
game hud/ui design & Game Mechanic Design

The Punchliners is a side-scrolling beat'em up game where 1-4 players control characters to save the world from a comedic invasion. The game features customizable and upgradable combat system, exploration of 4 unique worlds, pun-powered punchlines, and comic art style. As the lead designer at Rocket Science Games, I was responsible for creating the branding, design system, combat system, UI, and pitching the project to potential publishers.

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