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I led the branding for Rocket Science Games' new game, The Punchliners, by conducting design sessions and using Figma/FigJam to communicate ideas to the team. I designed the combat system, UI, and overall design system, working closely with the development team to bring our vision to life. I also had the opportunity to pitch The Punchliners to potential publishers through the Xbox Game Studio: Gamecamp Atlanta opportunity. 

Punchliners Logo.png

The Punchliners logo was created by Anthony Morris (Me), Game Designer


Lo-fi game trailer for The Punchliners that was submitted to the Xbox Game Studios Gamecamp program.

Created by Lew Flowers, Animator.

Xbox Game Camp.png
What is the Punchliners

The Punchliners is a cooperative game that can be played with 1-4 players. Players will take control of a Punchliner character and team up to bash through tons of opponents using pun-powered PUNCHlines. Players will build a Punchliners' Set with unlockable jokes (gear) such as Slapsticks (weapons), One-liners (movement augmentations), quips (items), and Punchlines (abilities/spells), which can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of comedic combinations. The fast-paced combat and over-the-top gags will leave players and their friends laughing for hours.

In this world of violence, the Punchliners use jokes to defeat their enemies. The adults were captured, and the only way to save them is for the kids to tell jokes to make their enemies fall over laughing. The Supreme Leader was about to be given his official title when the ceremony was interrupted by a broadcast from Earth that contained some of the funniest jokes known to man. Half of the aliens instantly fell over laughing and died, so the Supreme Leader went out to seek revenge.

The Punchliners game features four unique worlds based on locations where adults are normally found, such as a football stadium, an office, and a garage. The game also includes over 50 unique enemies and Sub-Leader Alien bosses, as well as PUN-powered punchlines that can change the flow of combat. Players can join online sessions or local co-op with up to 4 people and battle through the levels with humor. The comedic gameplay and comic art style will envelop players in this world of kids exploring the adult world to find their parents.

The design concept for the Punchliner's punch bubble. This icon is meant to symbolize using jokes as fighting attacks.
Created by Anthony Morris (Me), Game Designer

A cell-shaded model of one of the Punchliner hero characters.
Created by Ryan Pruitt, Artist

A conceptual drawing of the alien race that acts as enemies in The Punchliners.
Created by Ryan Pruitt, Artist.

My role

As the lead designer for Rocket Science Games, I played a critical role in the development of The Punchliners. My responsibilities included:

  • Creating the branding for Rocket Science Games and the Punchliners (including logos, brand guidelines, etc.)

  • Leading design sessions with the studio using Figma/FigJam

  • Collaborating with the dev team to transfer game design ideas into in-game working components.

  • Creating the design system, combat system, and UI for the game.

My Role

The Rocket Science Games team during the design and development of The Punchliners project.
Created by Anthony Morris (Me), Game Designer

User interface concept
User Interface

All UI elements, Punchline cards, and Jinxes were created by Anthony Morris (Me), Game Designer

For the Punchliners, our goal was to create a user interface that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and informativeness. The aim was to ensure that players can make critical in-game decisions quickly and efficiently, without being bogged down by excessive information. The interface effectively manages various important elements such as the player's health, stamina, Punchlines, the Joke-o-meter, and the team's health, all while maintaining a clean and easy-to-use design.

Health & Stamina

The health bar is straightforward, reflecting the player's health as it decreases or increases. The stamina bar is unique, as it reflects the amount of stamina the player has for dodging. This bar is affected by the armor the player wears, with lighter armor allowing for more rolls and heavier armor limiting the rolls. This system provides players with an added layer of strategy in their gameplay.

applied jinxes

In The Punchliners, players experience the unique addition of "Jinxes" which alter the flow of gameplay. Inspired by the concept of curses or spells in traditional gaming, these Jinxes have a humorous twist and are displayed in the user interface with a timer counting down the duration of their effect. The Jinxes can have both positive and negative impacts on the player, adding an extra layer of strategy to the already dynamic and fast-paced combat. With the perfect blend of humor and magic, Jinxes bring a new level of excitement to the game.

Punchlines &

In the Punchliners game, players can utilize Punchlines, which are special attacks based on jokes such as Knock-Knock jokes or One-liners. These Punchlines are designed to provide significant damage, support, or healing to the player's allies. To maintain game balance, the use of Punchlines is regulated by the Joke-o-meter. The Joke-o-meter typically has 3 charges which can be accumulated by defeating enemies with normal attacks. The required charge value of each Punchline varies, with the amount of charges being influenced by the player's armor.

Team health

In the Punchliners game, players are provided with an accessible display of their team's health status, allowing them to make informed decisions in real-time combat. This feature is particularly beneficial in determining when to use punchlines that provide healing or support to the team.


In The Punchliners, players have access to a variety of powerful special attacks known as Punchlines. These special attacks are a critical aspect of gameplay, providing players with the ability to turn the tide of battle in their "flavor". Punchlines are charged up through combat and allow players to unleash devastating and humorous attacks on their enemies. These attacks come in a variety of forms, from simple one-liners that damage enemies to slapstick gags that leave them stumbling and disoriented.


Punchlines can be combined with other jokes for even greater effect, allowing players to create their own unique playstyle. Whether players prefer to go for a fast-paced and aggressive approach, or a more strategic and supportive one, Punchlines offer the versatility and power needed to overcome the toughest foes. With the ability to unlock and upgrade Punchlines as players progress, players can always find new ways to bring the punch to their enemies.

Punchline classes

The Damage Punchline is an extremely powerful tool designed to deliver heavy blows to a multitude of enemies. This special attack can be an absolute lifesaver in high-pressure situations, where the player is surrounded by a horde of foes. With its ability to strike multiple targets simultaneously, the Damage Punchline proves to be an incredibly effective method for thinning out the enemy ranks and giving the player a chance to regroup and continue their battle. Whether the player is facing a large group of invaders or a particularly tough boss, this punchline will prove to be a valuable asset in their arsenal.


The Status Punchline is a unique and powerful tool that allows players to inflict debilitating status effects on their enemies. With a variety of jinxes at their disposal, including burn, poison, sleep, damage nerfs and more, players can inflict long-lasting effects that greatly impact the battlefield. These effects can greatly tilt the odds in the player's favor, making the Status Punchline an essential component of any successful battle strategy. Whether the player is looking to slow down enemy movements, reduce their damage output, or simply wear them down over time, the Status Punchline is the perfect tool for the job.


The Support Punchline provide powerful, game-changing effects that help the user and their allies in combat. Whether it's restoring health, providing shielding, or temporarily buffing stats, support punchlines give the player a crucial advantage in the heat of battle. These special attacks not only allow the player to take control of the battlefield, but also add a new level of strategy to the game. With a wide range of support abilities to choose from, players can experiment and find the perfect combination for their playstyle. Use these powerful punchlines to turn the tide of battle and come out on top!

Punchline Type: Damage
Joke-o-meter Charges: 2
Voice line: "What did the baby corn say to mama corn? Where’s popcorn?"
Description: A machine gun with a popcorn container for ammo. When it shoots, the popcorn seed pops and shoots at an enemy for high damage and a high rate of fire.

Spicy Burn.png

Punchline Type: Status
Joke-o-meter Charges: 1
Voice line: "What does a nosey pepper do?
It gets jalapeño business."
Description: The player pulls out a jalapeno gun to shoot flaming seeds to apply the burned jinx to enemies hit.

Bubble Shield.png

Punchline Type: Support
Joke-o-meter Charges: 2
Voice line: "I asked my Mom, 'Where do you want this big roll of bubble wrap?'. 'Just pop it in the corner,' she said. It took me three hours."
Description: The player uses a bubble wand to create a giant bubble sheild to protect the players from ranged attacks. Enemies can walk through and attack the player


Jinxes are a crucial aspect of combat in Punchline. These status effects can turn the tide of the battle, providing advantages or hindrances to both the player and the enemy. Jinxes include burn, poison, sleep, damage nerfs, and many others, providing a range of ways to affect the battlefield. By using the right jinxes at the right time, players can gain the upper hand and take out their opponents with ease. Whether you are looking to increase your own stats or debuff the enemy, jinxes are a versatile tool that every Punchliner should master. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, jinxes can make a huge impact on the outcome of the game.


Afflicted enemy/player Melee Damage is halfed


The afflicted enemy/player is halted. The player needs to rapidly press A 5 times to breakout or wait until the effect dissipates


Makes the afflicated enemy unable to attack. Makes afflicted player unable to use Punchlines for a period time.

Defense Cut.png
Defense cut

Afflicted enemy/player defense decreased by 0.5x for a set duration.


The afflicted enemy/player melee area is increased 1.5x as much for a set duration of time

Joke-O-Meter Boost.png
Joke-o-meter boost

The player's receives double as many points to their Joke-O-Meter for every defeated enemy for a set duration

Defense Up.png
Jinx Protection.png
Speed Boost.png
Joke-O-Meter Lost.png
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