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Metaverse United is an education agency aimed at helping people understand the benefits of the Metaverse and how VR can benefit education. For this project, I was tasked with creating branding that would represent the organization's mission and values.

Feel free to visit the website to view my website design for Metaverse United.

Brand guide

Metaverse United brand guide created by me. (scroll to view all)


The branding for Metaverse United was designed to be futuristic and minimalist, with a focus on the seven-pointed star (Heptagram) and the M in the Metaverse United designed within the constraints of that seven-star. I used colors like purple and pink, displayed tranquility, which was requested by the client as a requirement. After creating the logo, I focused on creating brand elements that would insinuate a modern, fresh, and clean look for Metaverse United. 

Design Process
Design Process

The design process began with understanding the client's vision for the branding and what they wanted to see. I then started creating multiple logo concepts that would represent the organization's mission and values. After selecting the logo, I focused on creating brand elements that would represent a modern and inviting organization. I then designed the website,, to showcase the organization's mission and what it had to offer.

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MU M.png
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The client loved the results, and the branding and website successfully represent the organization's mission and values. The website,, is now live and accessible for people to learn more about Metaverse United.


One of the challenges faced in this project was understanding the client's vision and ensuring that it fit their expectations. The project required several back-and-forths to ensure that the branding and website were exactly what the client wanted.


This has been one of my favorite projects, and I enjoyed working on it for over two months. The Metaverse United branding and website represent a modern, inviting, and educational organization focused on helping people find their place in the Metaverse.

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