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For the McDonough Red Dawgs, I crafted a brand identity that captures the organization's dynamic spirit, using Affinity Designer to create a suite of logos and visuals that convey the energy and unity of the team. My role encompassed not only logo design but also the creation of digital content and sportswear that enhances the Red Dawgs' presence across various media.

Brand guide
 Red Dawgs Branding Guidelines.png

McDonough Red Dawgs brand guide.


Embracing the ferocity and vitality of the McDonough Red Dawgs, I infused the brand design with the boldness of red, complemented by gold to add a stylish flair and serve as a striking accent. These colors reflect the team's name and embody a sense of fashion-forward energy.


In designing the logo, I channeled the team's aggressive and dynamic gameplay, opting for a design that radiates energy and a combative spirit. The addition of gold not only enriches the visual appeal but also emphasizes key aspects of the logo, enhancing its presence.


My comprehensive design approach ensured every element, from digital content to sportswear, resonated with the Red Dawgs' spirited and commanding identity.

 Red Dawg Logo_3x.png

Main Logo

 Initials Logo_3x.png

MR logo 

 Red Dawg Logo with Wordmark_3x.png

Main logo with Wordmark

PNG image_edited.png
PNG image 2_edited.png

McDonough Red Dawgs jersey design.


Team picture on opening day.

Red Dawgs 8U 2024 schedule v2.png

McDonough Red Dawgs 2024 schedule

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