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HYI Productions was founded by my family in 2017, and we started with a small group of clients focused mainly on youth sports. Over time, we expanded to work with clients in different industries, creating logos, brand guides, digital art, and flyers. During my time at HYI, I primarily focused on logo design and digital art creation, working with numerous youth sports organizations to create designs that would give their brand a sports-oriented feel.

Feel free to visit the website to view my website design for HYI Productions.

Brand guide

HYI Productions brand guide created by me. (scroll to view all)


The design process at HYI Productions involved talking to clients to understand their requirements and set expectations for the project. As a designer, I worked closely with clients to ensure that the final design met their needs and exceeded their expectations. I also managed the website and brand guidelines, ensuring that the colors and designs used were consistent and aligned with the overall brand vision.

Design Process
Design Process

When working with clients, I would first schedule a call to discuss their requirements and goals for the project. This helped me to set expectations and establish a clear understanding of what the client was looking for. From there, I would begin the design process, creating sketches and mockups to present to the client for feedback. This process continued until the final design was approved, and the client was satisfied with the results.

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HYI Logo, Chrome.png

During my time at HYI Productions, I created over 20 logos and 30 flyers for clients across various industries. Additionally, I worked on the rebranding efforts for HYI, creating a more sports-oriented feel for the brand. I also managed the website,, and brand guidelines, ensuring that everything was consistent and aligned with the overall brand vision.


One of the biggest challenges I faced while working at HYI Productions was finding the right balance between price and value for clients. As a new business, our prices were lower, which tended to attract clients who didn't fully understand the benefits of professional graphic design. I had to work to explain the value of what they were paying for and ensure that they received the quality work they deserved while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Working at HYI Productions was a valuable experience that taught me a lot about design, client communication, and project management. Through my work with various clients, I developed a deeper understanding of their needs and how to create designs that met those needs while also exceeding their expectations. Today, I continue to take on projects from HYI Productions while managing my own design brand, and I look forward to using the skills and knowledge I gained at HYI to continue creating exceptional designs for my clients.

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