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Red Dawgs Cover.png
McDonough red dawgs

As the Brand Team Lead for the McDonough Red Dawgs, established in 2024, I developed a full branding suite using Affinity Designer, including our logo, wordmarks, and digital content. My design work extends to sportswear and merchandise, unifying the Red Dawgs' energetic presence across all platforms.

Youth Sports Logo creation
  • Instagram
PVE FFL 2023 Cover.png
PvE ffl, 2023 season

Returning for the 2023 NFL season, I've rejuvenated the Prodigies vs. Esteemed Fantasy Football League (PVE FFL) as its Graphic Designer and Social Media Strategist, debuting a new visual identity and engaging content strategies. Through Figma, Affinity Designer, and Instagram, I aim to enhance our daily social engagement and elevate the league's brand.

Sport Graphics for Social Media & New Logo
Sport Graphics for Social Media
PVE Mockup 3_2x.png
PvE ffl, 2022 season

As the Graphic Designer and Social Media Strategist for the Prodigies vs. Esteemed Fantasy Football League (PVE FFL), I used Affinity Designer and Instagram to elevate our 8-team family league and create a dynamic social media strategy for the 2022 NFL season. Every day of the week had a specific post theme, from showcasing results and standings to introducing innovative features such as an NFL Pickem and a League vs. League collaboration event. My goal was to bring excitement to our followers and make our league feel like a professional football sports league through graphics and engaging social media content.

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Fairburn Flames Mockup_2x.png
Fairburn Flames
Youth Football Logo improvements & new branding

This portfolio piece showcases my work in designing custom logos and branding materials for youth sports organizations across Atlanta. Specifically, it highlights my collaboration with the Fairburn Flames football team to improve their existing logo and create a unique brand identity. The piece also touches on the challenges of designing logos for youth sports organizations and how I was able to overcome them.

Metaverse United Mockup v3_2x.png
Metaverse United
VR Education Group Logo Design & Branding

In this project, I worked with the client to create branding for Metaverse United, an education agency focused on helping people find their place in the Metaverse and the benefits of VR in education. The branding aimed to be futuristic yet minimalist, with a focus on tranquility and the seven-pointed star (Heptagram). I also designed the website,, where people can learn more about the organization.

HYI Productions Mockup v2_2x.png
HYI Productions
Production & Design Company Logo Design & Branding

At HYI Productions, we specialize in creating logos, graphics, and videos for clients in the Atlanta area, with a strong focus on the youth sports industry. As a designer for HYI Productions, I primarily focused on logo design and digital art creation, as well as rebranding efforts to give our brand a more sports-oriented feel. I worked with numerous clients across various industries during my time at HYI, which led me to start my own design brand.

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